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Adventure tours

Life is itself an adventure which
always gives us twists and turns …

but what.. if we actually have an adventurous tours, the real thrill of life and takes into whole new world of excitements.? Princess travel are here to give you this adventurous trip which you cant forget in your lifetime. Immense option of adventurous tours are Chadar Trek, Jim Corbett Safari, Scuba Diving, Roopkund Trek, Rock Climbing and many more…. Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.


The camp is specially designed by Rockstar Adventures (A Unit of Princess Travel Service) for school students and to bring into them a high sense of competition and to train their minds to compete under stress and difficult conditions. Highly qualified and experienced Mountaineering Instructors and climbers will guide them.


  • 08:00 HRS: Assemble at the school.

  • 08:30 HRS: Breakfast

  • 09:30 HRS: Activities like  Burma Bridge, Commando Crawl, Double Rope, Flying Fox or Rappelling, Bungee Run, Trampoline Basketball, Velcro Stick Wall, Ground Roller or Zorb, Body Zorb Pair, Inflatable Wall or Artificial
    Rock climbing, Tent Pitching, River Crossing, Commando Net, Ladder Climbing, Tyre Crossing, Stepping
    Stone etc. 

  • 13:00 HRS: Lunch

  • 14:00 HRS: Rotation of Activities.

  • 17:00 HRS: Evening snacks

  • 17:30 HRS: Magic show OR Puppet show

  • 18:30 HRS: Recreational games like Tug of war, Hit the ball, Blind fold, Water collection, Ball collection etc.
  • 20:30 HRS: Dinner

  • 21:30 HRS: Story telling

  • 22:00 HRS: Lights off!


  • 06:00 HRS: Wakeup call with Chocolate milk and cookies

  • 06:30 HRS: Morning exercises

  • 07:00 HRS: Freshen up

  • 08:00 HRS: Breakfast

  • 09:00 HRS: Certificate distribution.

  • 09:30 HRS: Return of the leaders.

Accommodation: - Accommodation in class room, Mattresses, Blankets will be provided to each participant.

Food: - Standard vegetarian and hygienic food will be served during the camp.

Prizes: - Certificates will be awarded to each participant who completes this camp successfully.

Medical and Safety: - Facilities for first aid will be available at campsite; however those on special medication or with known drug allergies are advised to bring their necessary medicines.

Items to be brought by the participants: - Two sets of clothing, a track suit preferably, a bed sheet, an air pillow and a pair of sports shoe, Water bottle.

Duration: - OVERNIGHT CAMP Reporting time 8.00 a.m. in the morning and departure at 9:30 a.m. next day in the morning.